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tv   News  RT  February 14, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EST

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live from moscow these are the headlines a 3rd will still blow it cause further doubt on the chemical weapons watchdogs investigation into alleged chemical attack in syria claiming he faced intimidation i'll tell you more given up to a 1000000 more crohn's political woes grow as a key ally of the french president drops out of the paris mayoral race following the leak of a sex tape. and the last minute legal intervention could eventually see a killer and a rapist released back onto the streets of britain as 25 violent criminals had their deportation to jamaica blocked. it is not my responsibility to pay for a foreign national to commit crime in my country many of these people they
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committed a single offense many years ago since then i mean obviously from the back just shows how little trust we have in our own criminal justice system. for peer fraud in 14th of february or moscow will melt into the program the line from the r.t. world to center it's kevin owen here for the next half hour with me great to have you company. chimed in with claims accusing the whirled chemical weapons watchdog of creating an atmosphere of intimidation during the o.p.c. w.'s investigation into the alleged chlorine attack in the syrian city of duma in april 28. the years are server the most stressful and unpleasant ones of my life i feel ashamed for the organization and i'm glad i left it. a reductive email given to investigative news website the gray zone project highlights issues of integrity joining the probe it follows revelations by 2 other watchdog employees stressing
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the same issue they also question the findings of the final o p c w report which in effect pin the blame on the assad government a senior correspondent for against the of cysts through what might be fact and what might be fiction. we like to imagine that these massive global organizations the un the i.m.f. the u.p.c. w. these juggernauts a good but knives that at the end of the day what they do is good for mankind but as with many things in life you take a closer look and you're left the supported one whistleblower saying the u.p.c. w. was biased corrupt well he could be wrong just an opinion to whistleblowers saying the same thing makes you think could they be right you'll be c w says no ignore them specter is a and b. not whistleblowers they are individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence as could be expected their conclusions are uninformed and
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brum sure sure one whistleblower could be wrong too well could be wrong but when it's 3 when it's 5 when it's a dozen whistleblowers you know something's rotten. i share those behind the crimes that have been perpetrated in the name of humanity and democracy they will not hesitate to do harm to me and my family just what the hell is going on at the o.p.c. w. what could be so terrifying that its own employees are afraid for their lives and feel their employer could target them and their families it isn't just one individual it's others too whose crimes were that they would just doing their jobs i submitted a requests to the team leader i asked i repeated this request a number of times all requests were declined or simply ignored just the guy doing
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his job what it said in the job description at what was a respectable organization according to testimony given at the un that's not what the u.p.c. w. the management wanted all requests were denied the responses i received included this is too big don't make yourself a martyr i deposited a dossier requesting an investigation months later i was informed that nothing would be done i requested a meeting with the director general as i thought the situation was serious enough to warrant him being made aware of it the request for a meeting was denied and i was informed by a senior manager that you will never get to the director general and if you try to go around me to get to him there will be consequences but don't you think the u.p.c. w. hasn't learned that lesson it has it isn't the lesson you and me might think of you know being more honest the lesson they learned is everyone everyone working for them needs to learn to keep their mouths shut and additional
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bigotry organization wide confidentiality training program will be instituted for all personel employed by the secretary and this training will be accompanied by annual are to stations and just in case anyone anyone gets any smart ideas or. the future the bosses over the u.p.c. w. could always show them this letter and tell them this is what happens to you when you dare speak out against the u p c w on or want to expose myself or my family to their violence and revenge i don't want to live in fear of crossing the streets. as mentioned the public can doubt incredibility the 1st 2 will so blows i can tell you we've asked the international criminal weapons watch them to comment on all the allegations we'll let you know what the responses if we hear from them any time soon. now lives of attorney bert hundreds of officials from around the world are converging on munich this friday
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for the city's annual security conference they're going to be discussing has ever erast of pressing foreign policy challenges including organizers say the role of the west in global affairs peter all of us across is from brazil europe correspondent a painter it's always in trouble so world was top of the list to worry about this year than hello. things coming up over the next couple of days we're expecting a big speech by french president of money will mark on saturday where he's expected to talk about say role for russia when it comes to defense in europe also on sunday big talks regarding libya and the ongoing crisis there and that's what we're going to talk about more with right now with peter mara the president of the international committee of the red cross you're just back from libya just a small thing as i understand what's the situation in a few money monetary and term in libya right now well libya is a context in which i.c.r.c. has been increasingly involved over the last couple of years because after to tary
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orating situation and expanding warfare in particular since april last year when the attack on tripoli was launched and bigger frontline evolved in densely populated area around tripoli we have seen 152200000 people displaced these people haven't been able to go back to your dependent on humanitarian assistance and we see multiple frontline still in the country active in which the i.c.r.c. entertains for offices in all parts of the country in tripoli misrata because he and his top high in the south so a big corporation with. which is not typical of. many other i.c.r.c. operations because as everybody knows libya is a country which has been well off for decades and oil rich and resource rich and therefore not their primary client offer humanitarian operation
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but it has degraded in tall a conflict to reality which now becomes a humanitarian crisis now throughout this conference you're going to be having talks with representatives from libyan authorities what are you going to be discussing what do you hope to achieve from those talks well i hope that we can further enhanced the acceptance of a neutral and impartial actor like the i.c.r.c. to work in libya and as well i hope to have more support for compliance with international humanitarian law with the principles enshrined in the geneva conventions in order to minimize the impact and the effect of the warfare on on the libyan population also i think we have to discuss on how to stop the lice the situation how to build capacities in libya now tall. respond to this unfolding to this unfolding crisis and of course
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a lot of the response will be beyond your many tyrian actors its political and its politicians who have to take their responsibilities as we have seen over the last couple of weeks through the process well despite the berlin process we have seen an increase in fighting in the country just how does that fighting that we've seen the impact upon the work that the red cross does how much of a factor is it in hampering the work you do well it is of course a factor because it's security wise the challenging operation but it is even more so a factor of 4 disaffiliated population which is displaced which loses jobs which loses lifeless. hood's which separates family which brings kids out of schools so does is the reality which is really a concern to us and which is kind of a surprising reality in again a middle income country. for a very long time has been an upper layer of middle income country even when you are
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talking previously about increasing the level of operation that the red cross has in libya. to what type of scale are we talking about increasing the work that you going to be doing i don't think so that the libyan operation is necessarily impressing you on in times off societies that we are in visiting but the type of operation we have to deploy in libya is different from other places i think libyans are well educated there are structures there is a society who knows to help themselves but they need also capacities to bring systems back social systems water systems health systems back which have been destroyed by the violence ongoing and i think this is the most important other type of activity that we have to develop it's not enough ah so it's not this a hell where you have to substitute yourself for maybe failing state
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structures in libya you do have a lot to build on but you have to build capacities also to repair and bring those basic social systems back to work you've got 2 sides in libya won't even sit down at the same table to talk would you say that is the the biggest issue with the work you do in the country or is there something that you find a more difficult challenge than that while working in libya while the fragmentation within libya is of course a big challenge and i would even say there are more than 2 sides if i look at the riyadh. in the south it's very different from the being gazi tree poly conflict which dominates international news so we have different dynamics within the society we have and then incredible outside interventions in libya on different sides of the front lines and which complicates and makes the conflict more complex it's
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really indeed difficult to maintain the unity of the country which at the present moment very frankly is only represented by d. oil company by the national bank and by the red crescent society which is the only are the only organizations still able to work in the whole of the country our focus of course is to support our colleagues from the libyan red crescent and to see how we can operate as largely as possible and wherever needs emerge in that very complex situation but it's not just the libyan people that are involved on the ground in libya right now there's also large amounts of migrants that are moving through the country as they try and cross the mediterranean get to europe how does that impact upon the work you're doing how does that make libya a special case in some ways because you've got the conflict that's ongoing you've got the the instability that's ongoing there and then you've got this influx of
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migration as well where indeed it's a further complication in an already very complicated situation and unfortunately also for many years europe looked at libya only and their perspective of migration and not in the perspective of the ongoing conflict i think it's really these multiple reality and which makes dealing with this situation particularly difficult of course migration again puts in for on darfur humanitarian actor just another set of problems libya is not only a country of transit as many fame can europe it's also a country of destination of migrants many sup. hereon africans end up in libya they are 8 to 900000 who still find a job and who is still compared to their country of origin consider libya a safe and livable country so we have these multiple difficulties we
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have seen the impact also off restrictive migration policies in europe also having its back drop in migration detentions retention centers in libya which again are difficult spots for humanitarian actors and the difficulty of many trn problems to deal with the president of the international red cross committee. revealing to us exactly what the issues that they face on the ground in libya are libya will of course be a big issue for discussion here at the munich security conference on sunday there's plenty more to come for that as well as soon as any news comes out of the security conference i'll be bringing it to you here on r.t. paid 6 years on that long drawn out conflict is still a huge focus isn't a great insight there from the head of the red cross thank you for bringing into the. mix one of the french president's closest political allies has withdrawn his candidacy for mayor of paris following a leak of a compromising video online benjamin grivas decision meant to drop out of the race
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represents a major blow to manu mccrone whose party is suffering a crisis of confidence going to next month local elections shallow dubin ski reports. well the dissemination of these incredible videos and photos has resulted in that shock announcement by benjamin complete benjy of the bill one of the closest allies he hasn't authenticated those videos but it is being reported in the french media as it did recognize them as being authentic and that's why he was drew his candidature so quickly let's have a listen to what he said. when i announced my candidacy for mayor of paris i knew how harsh political life was for every year my family and i have been subjected to defamatory statements lies anonymous attacks the release of private conversations and death rows yesterday it reached a new level when an internet site relayed despicable attacks calling my private life into question with a reaction to those videos and photographs has been largely supportive towards
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benjamin cleaver and that comes from across the political spectrum it's even support coming from those who were opposing him in that race here in paris including one from former on the move m.p. set of a cfi yanni now said look at the only what's quite interesting about him is he wanted to be the candidate for my quince party here in paris he lost out to benjamin cleaver as a result he decided that he was going to become an independent and by doing that cause massive friction in my quince party and ended up being chucked out in the last few weeks this comes at a time when we've got those elections next month back want to party is not looking like it's going to do particularly too well many is seeing next month's elections as being a test for mark won a referendum on his policies particularly some of those that have been unpopular such as the pension reform which has caused huge protests here in paris over the last months now much wrong was really eyeing the prize of winning that election
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here in paris and that's why he wanted one of his closest allies a spoon the spokes person to be the candidate. for the party to win that one here in paris would it be a very big coup so this is going to be deeply embarrassing not just for the party but for mark on himself the party will of course choose another candidate or that election but in reality many will be questioning if it down which has already been done. international live if you come up after the break 25 violent criminals avoided deportation from the u.k. provoking intense debate there about their rights and treatment we'll tell you more as soon as.
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seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to shape out to stay active. and engaged because the trail. went something and find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . we know in psychology that the more people are told that they can't or shouldn't do something whether it's sexual or otherwise the more it makes them want to do it so trying new things violating taboos are some of the most common and pervasive elements in our sexual fantasies. lovely good in mexico on the beach with the palm trees swaying in the monkeys chattering special guest with us today alex petroff see i. bit fear they're
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rocking it out in the mine expect. again 90 minutes past the moscow time next the british government is concerned that an appeals case could see a killer and rapist released on bail within just a few days they are among 25 violent criminals who avoided deportation from the u.k. this week after a last minute legal challenge blocked their return to jamaica so of the 251 of those 25 was found guilty of stabbing a 50 year old man to death fitzroy daley's currently serving a 10 year sentence over that and then there's the convicted rapist fabian henry who's behind bars for raping 2 teenage girls so these guys are set to stay in britain as it stands at the moment pending an appeal by the government. which is concerned that they might pose
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a threat to the public any time soon but for now they've been reprieved and as the judge appeals ruled that they hadn't been given access to legal advice or a phone the reason for it the u.k. government whoever says it regrets the court came to that decision and stressed it will act to still try to remove serious offenders who are not british the offenses which these people responsible for include one manslaughter one firearms offense 7 violent offenses 2 which are in the category of rape or sexual offenses and 14 drugs offenses we may no apology whatsoever for seeking to remove syria's foreign national offenders. we got reaction from human rights lawyers sure can and political commentator andrew walker on whether or not the deported criminals should have been given sufficient access to legal support even if they pose a serious threat to society. this is not a race issue they supposedly protection issue and it's also a rights issue people talk time and time again about your rights of family life
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your right to live in the united kingdom you don't have a right to live in the united kingdom or less your sits in the united kingdom just like any other british national just as anyone else in the u.k. they committed a crime they said their punishment they were convicted sentence they serve their time now after that they should be allowed to come home to their family they have british spouses british parents british children british families it is not my responsibility to pay for a foreign national to commit crime in my country any of these people they committed a single offense many years ago since then i mean obviously from the that just shows how little trust we have in our own criminal justice system they've been in prison they've been a probation since then why have we not been able to rehabilitate them why haven't we not been able to reduce the chances of a real finding that is the responsibility of the government i don't have a duty to deal with the world's worst people i don't have a duty for my taxes to be paid on these sorts of people get a grip of yourself look if you wish to come to the united kingdom in order to do
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a job it also raise a family it ought to be a reasonable person i love you if you wish to come to this country in order to sell drugs beat people up rape murder pillage abuse go how many of these people they were not given the right to make their legal claims there is no legal aid for such cases anymore people who can't afford lawyers aren't able to claim their legal rights and that's why there was an additional thing the point here is not just why are we deporting black people the point is why every deporting criminals who have committed relatively minor offenses and relatively short criminal sentences when they have children british families have. and reception separating them from them permanently we do not have a duty to loaf and support and trust and respect people who came to this country to abuse extraordinary if that sounds brutal i don't anyone ever can be put in a situation where the you know in this part of the moment they act in a certain way but after that there's no these are separate them and essentially
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destroyed their family lives forever and that's the point really in the in the in the only in the looking at are they on this is that at the moment in the spare the moments you commits an act of manslaughter or killing somebody in the spur of the moment go back. to cover a few today pro israel groups have demanded that veteran rocker and former pink floyd star roger waters be dropped from a major music festival in texas branding him and his sematic over his backing of a pro palestinian organization the british musicians also seen ads for his upcoming to a drop of major league baseball in the us too that was again put down to pressure of the waters boycott for the boycott divestment and sanctions movement because backing the pro palestine group is illegal in many states across the u.s. roger waters told us direct why he's not giving up any way. major league baseball ransom pre-sale before
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a presale tickets for my shows which is very nice have always had a very good relationship with the and i will be i've done shows a yankee stadium and wrigley field and then we've got another great great baseball stadiums all of the united states so i have a close relationship with them. and so there was never any question of us continuing to run more ads of to the priest period so i think they just lend let me let it go away quietly. there is nothing and she's met it bout b.d.'s. b.d.s. movement has consistently and constantly and and of quickly stated that it is against all forms of isms racism anti semitism and muslim as anything any of any of that any of those race hatred or
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and religious movements of any b.d.s. absolutely disavows itself and it's always been extremely clear about that and so a man i have never done anything anti semitic or had an anti semitic thought in my life i do have a support the b.d.s. movement and i and i have campaigned for the last 15 years or so against the policies of the israeli government and i will continue to do so until the human rights of the palestinian people are respected in the middle east roger waters telling us directly exactly how he feels about that and what is thoughts are about it now in another israel dominated rather free speech a lawsuit has been filed against the u.s. state of georgia for a planned talk of the university was cancelled went journalist abby martin refused to sign a pledge not to boycott israel which is obligatory under state law is the catch she claims free speech is being distributed there instead of him braced. i was given
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this contract i was pretty shocked to get this contract i heard of these laws i knew of cases for hurricane relief workers speech pathologist substitute teachers but i guess i never connected the 2 that simply being a speaker on a college campus supposedly these bastion of free speech nationwide would trigger theirs clause and force me to sign a contract to say that i would never boycott israel of course this goes against my 1st amendment. rights this is meant to curb the mounting grassroots pressure that originates predominately on college campuses against the state of israel and i couldn't comply with this how could i comply my entire body of work criticizes the israeli government of course i wrote back and i said i cannot comply with this and that's why i decided to take legal action with care in the p.c. j.f. because thousands of contractors are being affected by this law whether or not they know where they are forfeiting their constitutional rights in order to simply work
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and i think that's an abomination well this law is designed to palestinian led campaign against israel 27 other states have what are described by some as pro israel laws similar to georgia to the big state governments from signing contracts and then to g.'s which boycott israel. by counseling a journalist speaking on campus because she refused to support a foreign government georgiou violated the 1st amendment freedom of speech guarantee we do have a strong case ahead of us i think that it is up to the judges themselves to overturn these laws they've done them in several cases already and that's why i'm confident that we have a very strong clear cut case that a judge will will see that this is a blatant violation 'd of our constitutional rights it really goes to show you this isn't about free speech at all this is about controlling what kind of speech we're hearing. and that's why things look of russia so far this friday with me kevin i watch and check it out see the cauldron of various social media for so much more of
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a great day and stand by for the team from what you hold ready to take to the airwaves right after this break. the liberal corporate media are fickle they fall in and out of love quickly and often not long ago they were infatuated with being wrong now they are smitten by me or the media love to drone on about their preferences in the mean time. their candidates. in 24 to you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your style or here to put it put me in your list put pretty well clued me in the new bill as i knew pulling needed to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 24. those
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who took. invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these another call that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. the holder doctrine eric holder former attorney general under obama this is the idea that banks are systemically important they can't be prosecuted because this would be a danger to society as a whole but what's remarkable is that this idea has bled over into other industries now boeing has a major scandal honest and it's claiming that a systemic leigh important in the law doesn't apply to other agricultural companies are saying now we're systemically important we're above the law now that is leading to beyond a clump takhar see this becoming i think it's a stock or c. is the right word it's ruled by the least qualified are now in charge of running the economy and results obviously catastrophic.
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greetings and salyut. are a long enough timeline the truth always seems to claw its way into the light new york times is now reporting my friends that when it came to the justification for the late december airstrikes that killed 25 members of an iraqi militia group and the assassination of reign in military leader general solo mahdi the united states may have gotten it wrong remember when we were originally told by the us military industrial complex u.s. president donald trump u.s. secretary of state might and most of our lovely us mainstream news media but the original rocket attack on the k one military base in iraq that wounded 6 and killed one u.s. contra.


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